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April 23, 2018

2019 is a fast-approaching train and with it comes a fresh set of wedding and event trends. We’ve seen a lot of change in 2018 for weddings and events. With the season just getting started, it’s only a matter of time before it’ll be wrapping up and we’ll be enjoying the post-planning glow with a nice cup of tea.

Here’s what I see on deck for 2019:

Loose, bohemian florals—
Gone are the days of the tight, balled arrangements and bouquets. A trend we’ve seen throughout 2018 is highly likely to carry over into 2019: the “Why-yes-I-did-just-gather-this-up-from-a-whimsical-forest-floor-right-before-I-was-ready-to-walk-down-the-aisle” bouquet. These bouquets are often rich with greenery, and have a lot of movement. Since bouquets are an obvious expression of the bride’s personal style, I love being able to see a little more inward as to what kind of soul she is.

Bouquet by Pollen Floral Works – Castle Rock, WA

Tall “floating” arrangements—
Traditional tall glass vases will always have a special place in my heart, but I’ve been positively swooning over the minimalist metal “bridges” that can house any number of loose, flowing florals. This creates an optimal environment for your guests to converse across the table, rather than around arrangements. With long, family-style tables continuing to trend for guest experience, these arrangements really lend themselves to creating a strong visual line that draws a guest’s eye right to it.

Photo via Style Me Pretty

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses—
As brides loosen their death grip on their weddings, more flexibility and creativity from the Bride Tribe enters stage right. Let’s face it – not everyone is the same size, and while dresses may come in a variety of styles, not everyone may feel like Beyoncé in the dress you picked out. Mismatched dresses in the same color is a trend that has been gaining momentum in 2018, and I predict for 2019 we’ll see bride tribes in mismatched silhouettes and colors that are reminiscent of each other, but not precisely the same.

Photo via Style Me Pretty

Mixed mediums for accessories—
Gone are the days of the tented escort card, the seating chart printed and framed, and the traditional gold plastic charger beneath your dinner plate. We have seen so many leaps and bounds away from “what everyone’s always done” in 2018, I’m positive 2019 will bring more creativity in this category. Marble tiles, seashells, and agate slices are all popular choices for escort cards and assigned place settings. Acrylic has become a chic medium for seating charts, table numbers, menus, and escort cards alike. Chargers now come in all shapes, sizes, and even in metal minimalist styles that add a special “wow” factor to any place setting.

Lettering by Letters and Dust, Portland OR – Photo by Sweetlife Photography, Portland OR

Circular arches—
The last trend we’ll explore today is circular arches! Altars are a big deal. They’re in all of your photos! 2018 saw a significant departure from the standard wooden or metal arbor swathed in tulle, and I believe we’ll continue moving towards unique installations to say “I do” in front of. Draping, tall arrangements, greenery fixed to look like it’s blooming from the very wall you’re standing in front of, and circular arches adorned with florals that match your vibe and color palette not only provide a great backdrop for photos, but something interesting for your guests to look at during your ceremony.

Photo via WeddingChicks

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